Health and Safety for our Staff and Customers

    Please read our operating conditions linked below before you visit us

    Welcome Back!

    Dear customers,

    As you have probably heard, pubs are now permitted to open their doors.

    We are super excited about this and we are planning to open, however there are a lot of stipulations to us opening that you may not be aware of, and as you can imagine, your experience is going to be a little different...

    Please see below our new (temporary) operating rules based on the new government guidelines we have received:

    1. Table Service

    We will be doing table service ONLY.

    We will only be able to take card payments

    No customer service will be available at the bar.

    Groups will be limited to a maximum of six people inside and up to thirty people outside.

    This means we will be running around taking and dropping off orders.

    This is all very new to us, so we will need patience whilst we adapt and deal with teething problems.

    All customers will have to stay at their tables and not leave for any reason other than to use the facilities or to leave the venue. The group of people that you arrive with is the group you stay with. Children are welcome but must remain at their table and will not be allowed to wander.  We appreciate one of the beauties of pubs is how close everyone is and that table hopping is a key feature, but for now this cannot happen as everyone's health is more important.

    If you arrive and all the tables are occupied, then apologies, you will not be permitted to stay.  We do however intend to keep the takeaway service running, so it will still be possible to have some draught beer to take to the park or take home.


    2. Entry and Exit

    Customers will be asked to enter and exit the pub via the beer garden entrance. When you arrive you will be met by a member of staff who will briefly explain the rules and point you in the right direction.  The side pub door will remain in use for the takeaway service only.  These arrangements may vary once we see how things work in practice. Face coverings must be worn on entry and exit the pub and whenever you leave your seat. You must also register for track and trace.

    3. Opening Times

    The pub's opening hours will be 5 -11pm | Bank Holidays Midday to 11pm. The garden has it's hours of use restricted by our license to 11pm, and as it won’t be possible for the garden drinkers to all come indoors, the pub will itself will therefore be closing at 11pm.

    We will be operating a limited menu only, please check the website menu page for this.


    4. Contract Tracing

    We need to take a name, number and email address for every single person that comes in the venue as part of this NHS track and trace system.  Please just note that any details will be secured and that it is mandatory for us to do this.  Records will be kept for 21 days and then shredded, and will not be used for any other purpose.  This information will be gathered once you are seated, when each table will be asked to fill in a contact sheet.  The sheet will then be collected when your order is delivered to your table.

    These rules are absolutely subject to change as soon as we are able to (and we hope it is soon!!) They are a temporary fix but each rule has been put in place for a reason on the guidance we have been given. Anyone found not adhering to these rules OR giving staff a hard time over it will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave.

    We love you all, we miss you all, we can't wait to see you, we are all in this TOGETHER

    The Herne Tavern


    2 Forest Hill Rd,
    East Dulwich,
    SE22 0RR

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